Pokemon Go Anniversary Event 2019 Guide | Research quests, shiny pokemon, and more

The Pokemon Go anniversary event 2019 is here for the game’s third birthday. The mobile gaming sensation is rolling out some great in-game events and prizes for players to celebrate the occasion. If you’re looking for some new shiny Pokemon or want to catch up if you’ve fallen behind other players, the anniversary event will help you get up-to-speed with your catch-em-all goals. Aside from a fantastic shiny lineup, the event includes new quests and new ways to get back into the game if you’ve been absent. Veteran players will also find it easier to get Premier Balls, and everyone can get excited about a few new Pokemon entering the fray. We also may see the return of some of the most dastardly Pokemon villains. With so much going on, here’s a breakdown of what to expect in the Pokemon Go anniversary event from research quests to shiny Pokemon.

What to expect in the Pokemon Go Anniversary 2019 Event | The Pokemon

Pokemon Go Anniversary Event

The anniversary began on June 28 and will run until September 2. Pokemon masters and brand new trainers alike can begin reaping the rewards of the event right now in the Style Shop, where new avatar items based on team leaders are available for purchase. If you love collecting those rare shiny Pokemon, you’re in luck! Thanks to the event, you can now encounter the Shiny Alolan versions of Rattata, Sandshrew, Vulpix, Diglett, Meowth, Geodude, Grimer, and Exeggutor in the wild. They won’t be easy to find, but it’s possible!

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The anniversary sees the return of fan-favorite Party Hat Pikachu as well. From now until July 6, this unique Pikachu has a chance of appearing in one of your Go Snapshots once per day. If it does, the Party Hat Pikachu will appear in the wild, giving you the opportunity to catch it. There’s also a chance to hatch a Party Hat Pichu from 7km eggs.

In an interesting surprise, Niantic published special art (above) to commemorate the anniversary event. The art includes Pokemon which don’t yet exist in-game. These Pokemon are the three Pokemon Black and White starters: Snivy, Oshawott, and Tepig. The last time Niantic featured new Pokemon in special artwork, those Pokemon debuted in Pokemon Go a few months later. We can likely expect to see the Gen 5 starters appearing in-game this year.

What to expect in the Pokemon Go Anniversary Event 2019 | The Events

Special Research Quests will be available from now until September 2. These quests are aimed at catching up players who have fallen behind and giving brand new players a boost. The quests are open to anyone from level 10 and up, and will give out “helpful rewards” to aid players on their Pokemon journeys. Niantic is also reducing the amount of stardust needed to trade Pokemon and players who defeat Raid Bosses quickly alongside their friends will earn extra Premier Balls. All the more reason to buddy up with friends and get some new trades and helpful items.

With all the colorful happiness that comes with the Pokemon Go birthday party, there may also be some darkness lurking behind the scenes. Look closely at the right side of the artwork above and you’ll notice two members of Team Rocket hiding behind a tree and eyeing the fanciful Pokemon parade. Who knows what the dastardly organization is up to? Only time will tell, but their presence can’t be good.

Remember to enjoy all of July’s new Field Research tasks, too, as well as the next Community Day coming up on July 21. Best of luck catching them all and getting those anniversary shinies.