Twisted Fate joining TFT, but his class and cost are a mystery

Twisted Fate has been announced as the first post-launch hero for Teamfight Tactics, the newest game mode to join League of Legends. This gambling-themed character has been in Riot’s MOBA since 2009 and now he’ll be joining the roster for their homegrown take on Auto ChessTFT.

The news that Twisted Fate will be joining the roster of Teamfight Tactics stems from a tweet from the game’s set designer. It appears that the newest champion will feature a pirate theme, something slightly different from his standard loadout in LoL. While that much is certain, we don’t yet know what class he is going to be or how much he’s going to cost.

A theory reported by tftactics suggests that he’s going to be slotted into the Sorcerer class; this would make it a lot easier for players to reach the 6-set bonus as it would bring the total number of champions in that class up to 8. As for his cost, the current pirates in Teamfight Tactics are valued at 1, 2, 3, and 5 gold. A price of 4 gold or lower would make it easier for players to get the Pirate bonus — something that’s a bit of a challenge to do in the game right now.

As for his abilities, Twisted Fate has five abilities available in League of Legends:

  • Loaded Dice: Get 1–6 bonus gold on a kill.
  • Wild Cards: Throw three cards, causing damage to the enemy.
  • Pick a Card: Twisted Fate chooses a single card from his deck, using it for his next attack.
  • Stacked Deck: Bonus damage is caused every 4 attacks.
  • Destiny: All enemy champions are revealed and “Gate” is enabled, allowing him to teleport to any location in 1.5 seconds.

The abilities in Teamfight Tactics are a bit different than those of League of Legends; Wild Cards seems like a strong candidate for inclusion. His other abilities are a bit up in the air otherwise. Twisted Fate is expected to arrive in Teamfight Tactics as part of Patch 9.14.