G2A to pay developers money lost from illegally obtained keys

Following a recent petition to remove indie games from G2A, the retailer now seems to be extending an olive branch to developers worried about it supposedly selling stolen keys. The company states that they will pay developers ten times the money they’ve lost on game keys obtained through illegal means.

G2A made the announcement this morning on its website. In it, the company states that it will be covering developers for any chargebacks on any keys sold through G2A.

Resellers commonly buy keys in bulk (usually with stolen credit cards), and then dispute the purchases with the credit card company. The credit card companies then issue chargebacks, refunding money that was supposed to have been paid for the keys to the reseller.

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Of course, there will be audits on any claims by developers to make sure that the claims are legitimate. G2A states that these audits will be done by a reputable third party. Additionally, it will cover the cost of the first three claims as well, before splitting it with the developers.

“To assure honesty and transparency, we will ask a reputable and independent auditing company to make an unbiased examination of both sides – the developer’s store and G2A Marketplace,” the announcement states. “The cost of the first three audits is on us, every next one will be split 50/50.”

More importantly, G2A will be making the entire procedure transparent. The company states that it will publicly report every step of a claim.

“We want this process to be transparent, so we will publicly report every step of the procedure,” G2A said. “Meaning, you will get information such as who came forward, and what the verdict was, all of which will be published for everyone to see.  ”

G2A it seems it taking the accusations that it sells illegally obtained keys seriously. By promising to cover any losses by developers from these keys tenfold, G2A is showing that it’s confident the keys it sell are legally obtained.