Teppen release date revealed by Capcom

Have you ever wanted to see Street Fighter‘s Ryu fight Resident Evil‘s Wesker? How about Mega Man against Chun-Li? Maybe the Ratholos from Monster Hunter and Dante from Devil May Cry? Well, now you can with the new mobile card game Teppen. And you don’t have to wait long for the Teppen release date either, since it is out now for free on Android and iOS devices.

In a collaboration between Capcom and Gung Ho Entertainment, Teppen is not unlike similar titles like Hearthstone. You’ll choose one of a few Capcom characters as your hero. You’ll also have a hand of up to five cards total which can be played by using MP, Teppen‘s version of mana. When your hero reaches zero life, the match ends. While the basics hardly deviate from other card games on the surface, there is a slew of differences that make Teppen unique.

The most notable difference is Teppen‘s active battle system rather than the turn-based system of most card games. This means every play is done in real time. Furthermore, MP also increases over time. The battlefield itself is split into three sections and a card can be placed in each section, acting as defense for your hero. When a card attacks, it is represented by a streak which does damage when it reaches the other side. If one of those three spaces are empty and is hit with an attack, your hero receives damage.

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You will also accrue AP by spending MP. AP is used to perform a Hero Art, a devastating attack that can mean victory for the one that activates it. Every hero has different Hero Arts and different AP requirements to activate them. More about the game’s unique battle system is all detailed on the game’s official site.

You’ll also be able to build your own unique deck in Teppen, although that also has its own set of rules. Each deck is made up of 30 cards, and you can have up to three of the same card. Additionally, you can only have one Legendary rarity in a deck.

One of the more interesting points in Teppen‘s deck building is how the number of elements in your deck will dictate your maximum MP. If you only use one element, you have a max of 10 MP; using two or three elements in a deck, you only have a max of five and three MP respectively. Using four elements will give you 0 MP, essentially rendering your deck useless.