Total War Three Kingdoms mod support is now live

Creative Assembly just some great news for Total War Three Kingdoms fans who want a more unique experience while they conquer China. The studio has officially launched Total War Three Kingdoms mod support to the flagship strategy game.

The Total War franchise is no stranger to modding. Previous entries in the series also saw a number of mods and total conversions. For Total War Three Kingdoms, Creative Assembly is iterating on the same tools that it has had on offer since Rome 2: Total War. Experienced modders should then have no issue jumping in to modding the new game.

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Creative Assembly has made a number of changes to the tools. It claims that the updated tools are more data driven, and that the returning systems have been more fleshed out. In addition to this, it’s also added new resources to help modders add in new 2D artwork.

Despite these new freedoms, some restrictions do exists on what modders can change. Modders cannot touch campaign battle maps and hexes, nor can they edit audio files and battle assets. Of course, Creative Assemble has also made the game’s actual code off limits.

For players simply looking to try out mods, the game’s modding tools were beta tested earlier this year. This means that a number of modders have already been able to cook up some mods for download in Steam. Some of the available mods simply reskin some of the game’s models, such as the popular Hooveric Reskin. Others however, such as the Community Bug Fix 3K mod, address bugs and issues that Creative Assembly has yet to fix.

Of course, these represent just the initial wave of mods coming to Three Kingdoms Total War. Players can likely expect more varied, and more creative mods in the coming months as the community around them matures.