QTCinderella on Twitch: Streaming ‘weighs on you mentally,’ has ‘no stability’

A recent chat show had some interesting comments from QTCinderella on Twitch streaming. A group of streamers including QTCinderella, Trihex, hasanabimitchjones, and RajjPatel were discussing what it’s like to work on the popular video streaming platform Twitch.tv. QTCinderella’s commentary, in particular, reflected an industry that is very challenging and carries just as many risks as there are benefits.

“And it’s hard and it’s very tolling, but at the same time, there’s nothing like streaming that weighs on your mentally,” “I deal with clients all day at my normal job, but I don’t get to see how they react or the sh*t they talk about behind my back[.] Compared to I have this chat in front of me and they tell me how they feel every second of every day and that’s kind of mentally tolling.”

The commentary was part of a discussion between several Twitch streamers that were talking about the various challenges of streaming on Twitch. While it may seem like a fun job for many of the gamers out there, the reality is often different from what we imagine.

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“And then also, the fact that there’s no stability in streaming,” continued the QTCinderella on Twitch Streaming commentary. “Like, I’ve been a flavor of the month a hundred times. And I’ve gone from a thousand views down to two hundred a hundred times. That’s really, really hard. And a lot of my subs are gifted, and so I don’t have a reliable income from streaming.

The lack of stability and the mental stress from Twitch chat — something that can be understood by pretty much anyone who has ever read Twitch chat — are big enough downsides that it’s ruled out the possibility of doing this full-time as a career.

“It’s different because I am smaller, so maybe it would be different if I was full time,” she concluded. “But, I don’t think I could ever do it because of those cons, essentially.”

You can watch the clip that has comments from QTCinderella on Twitch Streaming here.