Turok Escape from Lost Valley release date pops up on Steam

Turok is known as a hardcore first-person shooter from the 1990s (and 2008) filled dinosaurs and that iconic cerebral bore gun. But Turok Escape from Lost Valley is a bit more colorful and cute than those gritty games and thanks to a recent Steam leak, we now know when it is coming out. The Turok Escape from Lost Valley release date is July 25. No price or other platforms have been revealed.

The game’s Steam page describes it as a third-person action adventure game that stars Turok himself as he tries to get back home. Players will have to survive against the elements as well as the creatures in the titular Lost Valley. Judging by the trailer, it looks like players will be able to use the bow and arrow and dodge move to take on bosses and enemies. However, the game is still quite a mystery since it hasn’t been officially acknowledged, despite this leak on Steam. But we know that it is probably the most colorful Turok game.

This left-field Turok title may seem like it is coming out of nowhere (and it sort of is) but it isn’t coming completely out of nowhere. Universal held a Universal GameDev Challenge at GDC 2018 and the finalists were revealed late last year. These six finalists were spread across different properties and genres: Turok Escape from Lost Valley; a roguelite top-down shooter called Turok: Legacy of Stone; a multiplayer survival first-person shooter named Battlestar Galactica Deception; a cooperative adventure game, Backpack to the Future; a first-person adventure title, Back to the Future 4: Time Anomalies; and the puzzle-strategy hybrid, Voltron: Cubes of Olkarion, which was the winner. That game is also listed on Universal Studios Interactive Entertainment’s publisher page on Steam as coming out on the same day as Turok Escape from Lost Valley.

Turok Escape from Lost Valley is being developed by Pillow Pig Games, but little else is known about it. The small team has not tweeted about the game at all, aside from mentioning how it was a finalist in the aforementioned competition in June 2018. The studio made Fighties in 2015, a 2D platformer fighter that came out on PC and Xbox One.