Roblox players bypassing audio to use racist slurs and curse words

Roblox bypassed audio exploit is allowing players to share racist slurs and music with curse words, avoiding any censors and blocks implemented by developer Roblox Corporation. This audio can be heard by others on the server, ruining the experience for many. Different cosmetic decals can also be equipped to customize characters in ways that the developer never intended.

This continues to be an issue in 2019, 14 years after Roblox originally launched, with dedicated members of the community continuing to update “working Roblox bypassed audio” lists to help spread the toxic behavior throughout the still-populated servers.

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Despite its clear target audience of children, Roblox doesn’t seem to be 100% child-friendly, with poor moderation of online interactions. Also, what with the game being free-to-play, players can continue to make new accounts without any serious risk of losing access. If an account does get banned, another can quickly be made in its place.

When a game attracts a large number of players, it becomes next to impossible for developers to use manual moderation. Instead, games need to rely on automated methods. This provides an opportunity for “trolls” of a community to find weaknesses. In the case of Roblox, this is where bypassed audio can slip through.

While we won’t be providing links to existing Roblox bypassed audio exploits (for obvious reasons), we will say that they are easily found through search engines. What’s more, examples of the exploits can be found on YouTube, where you would think videos of this nature would be quickly shut down.

If you’re a concerned parent with a child who wants to play Roblox, or an existing player who is concerned about what you’ve been hearing in-game, then know that the fun of Roblox can be corrupted by moments where bypassed audio is used.

We have reached out to Roblox for comment. We’ll update this post with any response that we receive.