Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn leak hints at the overpowered rocket launcher’s return

One of the original Destiny‘s most controversial and popular weapons may be making a return in Destiny 2. A new Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn leak hints that the overpowered rocket launcher may be added in a future patch.

According to a datamine by Reddit user JpDeathBlade, the game’s files hint at “rocket launcher components” alongside a “Solar Week” event. With the recent release of Thunderlord in mind, the many fans think that these are hinting at the release of a Solar-element rocket launcher. This narrows the choices down to either Gjallarhorn, or another rocket launcher called Dragon’s Breath.

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Of the two, Gjallarhorn is the more exciting addition as players considered Gjallarhorn to be one of the best weapons in the original Destiny. In fact, it may have been too good. On hit, Gjallarhorn’s rockets spawned cluster bombs that dealt almost as much damage as the initial projectile. This helped make Gjallarhorn arguably the most powerful epic weapon during the original Destiny‘s first year.

Dragon’s Breath on the other hand, while fun to use, never gained the same notoriety as Gjallarhorn. The fact that “rocket launcher components” are involved also points to the latter. Gjallarhorn was left behind in the Taken King expansion where Bungie didn’t boost its stats. Bungie later reintroduced it, with buffs, as part of quest where players had to assemble it. It could be possible then, that the “Solar Week” will involve a similar quest to reassemble the weapon.

Of course, Gjallarhorn isn’t the only powerful weapon from Destiny that’s been leaked for Destiny 2. A few weeks back, dataminers found a catalyst pointing to the fan-favorite pulse rifle Bad Juju also making a return. With this, it seems that Bungie will be bringing back at least two more classic weapons from the original game into Destiny 2.

Bungie has developed a habit of adding notable weapons from Destiny into Destiny 2. This usually happens as part of events or seasons. One of the more recent of these was the “Arc Week” which saw the return of the Arc-element machine gun Thunderlord.