Final Fantasy 7 Remake Xbox One release date could be the same as PS4

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Xbox One release date may have moved in line with its PS4 release date, despite it previously being advertised as releasing on Sony’s console first. In a post published to the Xbox Germany Facebook account, the upcoming remake is advertised as releasing on March 3, 2020, on Xbox One. This is despite it having been billed as a timed exclusive during its E3 2015 reveal.

While this could be a mistake on the Xbox Germany Facebook account’s behalf, additional evidence supports the theory that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will no longer be a timed exclusive. As noted by Twitter user @Nibellion, the ‘Play it first on PlayStation 4′ line that appeared at the end of its E3 2015/PSX trailers wasn’t included in its E3 2019 trailer. Instead, the trailers ended with the message: “Available Worldwide 0303.2020.’

Now, if Final Fantasy 7 Remake was to remain a PS4 timed exclusive, it seems likely that Sony would want to advertise this heavily during its trailers. However, considering that Sony wasn’t present during E3 2019, it may have been that Square Enix wanted to push it as a multi-platform title during that particular event.

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Additionally, the Xbox One branding was still missing from the end of its E3 2019 trailer, while the PS4 logo appeared alongside Square Enix’s. This is typically the case when a platform holder has secured timed exclusivity, suggesting that the deal between Sony and Square Enix may still be on the table.

The official Facebook account, titled ‘Xbox DACH,’ has also deleted the post from its feed. This further supports the belief that this is a mistake on Xbox’s behalf, and that the RPG will remain a PS4 timed exclusive.

If that’s the case, then there’s still no word on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Xbox One release date. Square Enix has yet to confirm when the game will make its way to Microsoft’s console, though it is set to launch on the platform after its debut on the PS4.