Jackbox Party Pack 6 games list adds Dictionarium, coming this Fall

In the world of wacky party games, the Jackbox Party Packs are an unmissable highlight and the lineup just got better. The Jackbox Party Pack 6 games list has added Dictionarium, a word game requiring player imagination and whimsy. The game invents a word and asks players to make up the definitions. Much like other games in the series, it lends itself well to a wide range of either family-friendly or adult content, depending on how far players want to take things.

Dictionarium was announced with on the Jackbox website and with an official trailer (which you can see below). The new game supports three to eight players and tasks players with creating definitions and synonyms of invented words. As the announcement says:

“What’s a “blarnkt” — a type of fungus? The sound a sick pigeon makes? A stew served at weddings where the couple doesn’t really love each other? Don’t ask us, it’s up to you! The definition with the most votes wins, but you’re not off the hook yet! You’ll also have to come up with a synonym and use the word in a sentence. By the end, you and your friends will have created entirely new dictionary entries.”

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Dictionarium is the second game revealed for the upcoming Jackbox Party Pack 6, to be released this fall on PC and consoles. The first game sees the return of Jackbox Party Pack 3 fan-favorite Trivia Murder Party in Trivia Murder Party 2, an updated version with some surprises. According to the Jackbox website, Trivia Murder Party 2 will include things such as weirder ways to die, new questions, wigs, cursed gifts, and daddy issues.

The Jackbox Party Pack family has numerous crowd-friendly games involving humor and wit. It looks like Dictionarium could easily become a fan favorite and will likely create pages of inside-joke-worthy new words for players. Check out the trailer below.