Lil Nas X Storm Area 51 video rides the meme down the old town road

While making memes about celebrities joining the Storm Area 51 event have become popular, it seems that one celebrity is actually throwing their 10 gallon hat into the ring. The new Lil Nas X Storm Area 51 video that shows a humorous animation of him and his posse raiding the shadowy facility.

For the video, Lil Nas X uses none other than his breakthrough hit song “Old Town Road.” The animation that plays also shows him with his collaborators on the song Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug, and Mason Ramsey.

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The set up for the video involves Lil Nas X texting an Area 51 guard (who’s conveniently listening to “Old Town Road”) that he’s “coming for you bruh.” The absurd notion that Lil Nas X can contact someone just because they’re listening to his song, as well as the guard’s panicked reaction (he sets of a “bruh moment” alarm), sets the tone for the video.

The rest of it features a series of humorous moments, showing the base’s guards cowering in fear of Lil Nas X and his crew. Additionally, it also makes a couple of nods to a few other jokes  spawned by the meme like Keanu Reeves doing the Naruto run while being dressed up as Naruto himself.

Of course, the video also features the aliens and other top secret technology supposedly stored at Area 51. Of course, the video gives them a hip hop twist, with the aliens dressed up in hoodies and extraterrestrial gold necklaces, presenting Lil Nas X and his boys with pimped up alien rides before they ride off into the sunset.

If all this sounds absurd, that’s because it is. The video is Lil Nas X doing his best to take advantage of a meme that itself has gone into the realm of the absurd. Check out the video below.