Wargroove PS4 release date announced

A Wargroove PS4 release date has finally been announced, and it’s coming next week, on Tuesday, July 23. PlayStation fans hoping to play the Chucklefish tactics game have had to wait more than five months since the game first launched on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC in February.

Chucklefish announced the Wargroove PS4 release date in a developer blog post. Unlike the other versions of the game, the PS4 release will not have cross-platform multiplayer — though players will still be able to download community-made maps designed by players on other platforms (as well as share their own original content between platforms).

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In another post from earlier this month, Chucklefish said the Wargroove PlayStation 4 port took the team longer than anticipated because of technical problems related to how multiplayer and content sharing would work on PS4 as well as reasons hidden behind NDAs. The team noted that the rest of the game’s features are fully in-tact, as Chucklefish’s ultimate goal was ensuring as much parity as possible between the PS4 port and the other versions.

Sony has a long history of denying cross-play between PlayStation and other platforms — a stance to which Microsoft and Nintendo have voiced opposition. We’ve known since February that there would be no Wargroove PS4 crossplay, so it’s possible that this barrier meant Wargroove‘s developers had to do some extra work to adjust the game’s multiplayer systems for PS4.

When Wargroove launched early this year, it garnered much attention for its heavily Advance Wars-influenced, colorful tactics gameplay. The game also features a suite of creation tools that allow players to create and share entire story campaigns, complete with original cutscenes. It landed with enough people because the game broke even after just a few days on sale.