Fortnite leak hints at World Cup themed items

With the Fortnite World Cup Finals Festivals taking place next week, players are likely wondering if there are any special things coming to the game. Now, new Fortnite leaks hints that players will be getting some Fortnite World Cup themed items, a themed Battle Bus, and more.

Looking into the latest 9.40 update, dataminer ShiinaBR has discovered files pointing to some World Cup themed skins. Specifically, there will FCW themed skins for Fishtick and Ramirez. In addition to this, Lucas7yoshi has found an FCW themed cape as back bling.

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Aside from the skins and back bling, another dataminer has discovered a World Cup themed Battle Bus. Reddit user spedicey1 has shared an image of the themed battle bus on the site, showing it lifted into the air with a cup shaped balloon.

Fortnite World Cup themed items aren’t the only things that have been datamined however. ShiinaBR also found files pointing to a series of six brand new skins that are coming to the game. These include an Assassin skin, a Copper Wasp skin, a Bachi outfit, Mika outfit, Tsuki outfit, and an Anarchy Agent skin. Additionally, they’ve also found some new Banner Brigade skins. These skins will match the current color of a players Banner in game, in what seems to be an effort to better represent these in game.

These items don’t seem to be tied to any event. As such Epic will likely not be releasing them in time for the Fortnite World Cup.

One upcoming event that does have skins tied to it (that’s not the Fortnite World Cup) is this weekends Doggus vs. Cattus event.  For this, dataminer s1l0x has found a special Mecha Doggus skin that, resembles the complete Doggus robot that’s now in the game. Epic will most likely officially reveal this skin and how to get it in the next couple of days.