Unofficial Super Mario Maker 2 world map builder created by fan

While the Super Mario Maker series lets players create custom Mario levels, it has not yet allowed them to create their own custom world maps. Now, a fan has decided to change that by releasing their own unofficial Super Mario Maker 2 world map builder.

Created by a fan named techsev, the Super Mario Maker 2 World Map Builder allows players to string together their levels on a world map, similar to those from Super Mario Bros. 3. It also allows for players to share their custom world maps with others.

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The custom maps themselves are stored on the site and accessed via links generated from it. It works by tracking the exit codes tied to certain items that the game uses to validate that a level has been completed. Using these, players can create branching paths and multiple exits in their games as players type in the exit codes on the site for Mario Maker 2 level codes that can be entered on the Switch.

World maps created by the builder will actually recognize if a map has multiple exits. Creators can use this to create complex world maps with branching paths, including hidden ones that slowly reveal themselves to a player.

In addition to this, world maps aren’t tied to a single users levels. It just looks for the created level’s Level ID. With this, groups of creators can collaborate to create world maps together.

The Super Mario Maker 2 world map builder is currently only in alpha testing and techsev plans to implement additional features down the line. These include the ability to save level completion and chain multiple world maps together, as well as allowing players to upload their own sprite sheet.

Speaking of sprites, the tool uses custom sprites and art created by techsev. They stated that this is due to Nintendo having a history of shutting down fan projects that use their assets and IPs. They’re hoping that by doing this, they can avoid the fate of these fan projects and keep the tool running.

In the meantime, interested creators can check out following video demonstrating how the world map builder works.