Tencent and The Pokemon Company are teaming up to make new game

Pokemon Tencent partnership has been announced! Tencent’s Timi Studio Group will be developing a new Pokemon game as part of a fledgling partnership that could potentially be very profitable for all companies involved.

According to Reuters, Timi Studio Group will be heading up the game that is ultimately being developed as part of this Pokemon Tencent partnership. Timi Studio Group appears to primarily focus on mobile game going by what’s listed on its website. Past creations from this developer include licensed games based on the Saint Seiya and Contra franchises, as well as a host of original titles.

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Considering Timi Studio Group’s focus on mobile games, I think it’s safe to say that the new game coming from Tencent and The Pokemon Company is likely to be something for mobile devices. However, there is still the possibility that it could be making the transition to console gaming considering that the Nintendo Switch was officially approved for sale in China back in April 2019. The possibility of a console release is made all the more stronger considering that many modern game engines are effectively cross-platform out of the box.

Unfortunately, the Pokemon Tencent game’s announcement was somewhat light on the details. We don’t know, for example, what sort of game it’s going to be. Considering the likes of Pokemon  Sword and ShieldPokemon Go, and Pokemon Masters, it seems that a lot of possible areas of gameplay in this franchise are already well-covered. It’s possible for Timi Studio Group to come up with something new entirely, although there’s nothing necessarily stopping them from creating a game that’s similar to one of the most current releases.

We don’t know the pricing model, either — will this be a premium experience or will we have to deal with some sort of free-to-play mechanics? Considering the developer’s past work, I think the odds are good that we’ll probably be getting another free-to-play Pokemon game for mobile devices. We’re sure to find out more whenever Timi Studio Group decides to release more details.