New Yakuza game details will be revealed in August

Sega has been slowly drip feeding fans information about its upcoming new Yakuza game for PlayStation 4. The company now seems poised to reveal more about the upcoming game with its announcement of a press conference for a new Yakuza game on August 29.

The last time Sega revealed information about the new Yakuza, it simply announced that model Eri Kitamura would portray the game’s female lead on Famitsu. Now, the company has announced that it is holding a press conference for the new game at the end of August.

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The press conference takes place at the UDX Theater in Akihabara. Sega hasn’t announced whether it will be live streaming the event. However, fans in Japan can win tickets to it either by retweeting this tweet, or filling out a form on Sega’s website.

This new Yakuza game, which carries the working title Shin Ryu ga Gotoku, represents a major step forward for the franchise. It will be the first one to star new protagonist Ichiban Kasuga. Prior to this, all Yakuza games starred ex-convict Kazuma Kiryu. Kasuga originally debuted in the Japan-only collectible card Yakuza spin-off Ryu ga Gotoku Online, which also revealed that he would be the series’ new protagonist.

Aside from the game starring Kasuga instead of Kiryu, Sega also gave out a few details about the game’s plot in an interview last month. The new Yakuza once again takes place in the fictional district of Kuramacho in Shinjuku. The plot supposedly involves an alliance with the police and the Omi Alliance, leading to Kasuga having to defend the district.

More importantly, Yakuza series director Toshihiro Nagoshi stated a desire to change up the series’ formula. He already mentioned that changing the protagonist was one change, while also hinting at adding more comedic moments to the title. Hopefully, these new details will show up at the reveal event in August.