Blair Witch gameplay trailer revives the horror of found footage

The Blair Witch gameplay trailer is here and it gives us our first look at this upcoming horror game that’s sure to scare the pants off Twitch streamers and regular people alike. Some may have been skeptical about a video game based on a somewhat older film franchise, but what we’ve seen so far is looking pretty darn good.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Blair Witch franchise, it centers around a fictional legend of a witch who lives in Blair, Maryland. This legendary creature is supposedly responsible for horribly murdering people who wanted into haunted woods in the nearby area as revenge for her execution in the late 1700s under accusations of practicing witchcraft. Films and surrounding media were largely presented in “found-footage” style, showing off what is purportedly a recovered videotape that shows a horrible incident unfolding.

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The Blair Witch gameplay trailer evokes this same found-footage style. Players take on the role of a former police officer named Ellis with more than his fair share of problems. Accompanied by his loyal dog Bullet, Ellis heads into the Black Hills Forest close to Burkittsville, Maryland in search of a young boy who has disappeared in the area. His investigation leads him down a dark path that causes him to question his sanity — and it might make you do the same.

We see snippets of the game throughout the Blair Witch gameplay trailer, opening with an unrealistic scene of a cellular phone actually working in the middle of a forest. A command wheel is shown for Bullet and the player uses the “Seek” command, although we don’t actually see the result. We then see several more images in rapid cuts including brief glimpses of… something in the woods, although we never quite get a clear look. The trailer closes with a creature smashing through a window and screaming, finally landing on a title card for the game and imploring players to pre-order.

You can watch the Blair Witch gameplay trailer below. Blair Witch will come to PC via Steam and the Xbox One on August 30, 2019. In the meantime, you can add it to your wishlist on Steam.