Concrete Genie release date and price revealed

After almost two years since its announcement, the Concrete Genie release date has finally be revealed and players won’t have to wait long — or pay much — to start painting. The game will release exclusively on PS4 on October 8, 2019 for $29.99. This package includes both the third-person platformer part of the game as well as its VR experience that is different experience from the campaign.

The platformer part of the title follows a teenager named Ash as he paints a decrepit town with an enchanted paintbrush. Players use the DualShock 4’s motion sensor to paint their own landscapes and eccentric genies that live on the walls of the building. The virtual reality part of the game is separate and puts players in the world and lets the paint using the Move controllers in a way similar to, but different from, the other half of the title. According to recent previews of both the VR half and the platformer half, it’s got some potential.

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Concrete Genie is one of three Sony-published games coming this holiday season. The MediEvil remake is also coming that same month on October 25 and Death Stranding — the big AAA game and the only full-priced game of the bunch — is hitting stores on November 8. While three holiday titles is relatively solid, it matches the gaming industry’s rather quiet 2019 as publishers are gearing up for console launches in 2020.

This is Pixelopus’ second game as its first game, Entwined, came out in 2014. The title was announced on stage at E3 that year and available later that day. It was an abstract arcadey game that starred a fish and bird and was based on an ancient Chinese myth. While some critics liked it, it was more tepidly received overall and was widely criticized for its simplistic gameplay and lack of convincing message.