Apex Legends “most fan-requested feature” coming in future update

It seems that EA is bringing something special to Apex Legends players. The publisher recently outlined plans for the game’s future, and revealed that an upcoming event will bring a much requested feature to the game. The reveal comes from EA’s recent first quarter fiscal report. Here, it teases an event that’s coming within “the next few weeks” that will bring said feature in addition to other new content for the game. As part of this event update, the report mentions that said feature has been “one of the most fan-requested features since the launch of Apex.”

As for what this fan-requested feature is, the report didn’t say. There are a number of things that could possibly be, based on features that its competitors PUBG and Fortnite already have. Examples of these include solo and duo modes, which Apex Legends currently lacks. As such, it’s easy to see these being something that fans would really want. One other possibility could be cross-platform play, which Fortnite has.

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The event, with the “fan-requested” feature, seems to be just part of what EA has in store for Season Two. The report states that EA will be bringing out “more updates and in-game experiences” to Apex Legends within the next few weeks. Aside from the upcoming content for Season Two, the report gave a few details on the upcoming third season of Apex Legends. Specifically, it stated that Season Three is looking to be bigger than the current season.

The report also made mention of Apex Legends‘ upcoming mobile port. This is another area where the game is playing catch-up to both PUBG and Fortnite, which already have mobile versions out. The report stated that Apex Legends‘ own mobile version is still “on course” alongside the game’s launch in China. The actual plans for these however, will be shared in the future.