A new Gundam PS4 and PC game could be on its way

A job posting seeking an applicant to carry out “work concerning a game for a famous robot anime” could point towards a new Gundam PS4 and PC game being in development. The company behind the IT Staffing job post is located within brief walking distance of Keikyuu Main Line in Sengakuji Station, and the closest game development studio to which is Bandai Namco Future Research Center. Bandai Namco are the current Gundam license holders, so we may be due the first new game based on the popular anime since 2018’s underwhelming New Gundam Breaker.

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Having originated all the way back in 1979 with the Mobile Suit Gundam TV series, the mecha-based franchise has proven to be a long-standing fan favorite across several forms of entertainment media. The in-development robot game is being built using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 for PC and PlayStation 4, so if it is a Gundam tie-in, it could prove to be the most vivid video game realization of the science fiction setting in a long history of games.

It’s important to note that Bandai Namco also produces the Super Robot Wars titles. These tactical RPGs would also fit the “famous robot anime” description, as they feature cross overs built around popular characters from a range of mecha properties including anime, manga, and video games. Super Robot Wars T launched on Nintendo Switch and PS4 in March of this year across Japan and Asia, but hasn’t officially made its way to western shores despite being available in English.

There’s no word yet on whether or not the upcoming robot game will see release on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, or when and even if we can expect it to launch in the West. With news of its existence now having broken, it’s likely we’ll come to know more about the nature of the project in the near future, including confirmation of the studio behind it.