Crash Team Racing Wumpa Coins prices revealed, will release tomorrow

The Crash Team Racing Wumpa Coins prices have been revealed thanks to a relatively early appearance on the PlayStation Store in New Zealand. These microtransactions are finally arriving after the game has been out for less than two months, giving players the opportunity to unlock content faster at a cost.

If you haven’t yet played Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, it’s a gussied-up remake of the original Crash Team Racing that was released back in 1999 — a chaotic time when any game character of note was somehow entitled to a kart racing game of their own. Crash Team Racing was positively received, defying expectations that it could be a terrible trainwreck as so many of these games sometimes are.

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The remake lets players earn coins by playing the game, and the Crash Team Racing Wumpa Coins prices have been revealed thanks to an observant user on ResetEra. The PlayStation Store in New Zealand has already posted the packages for sale and the prices might not be what you’d expect. Here are the packages, their prices in New Zealand dollars, and the equivalent in American dollars:

As noted in the ResetEra thread, 9,900 coins will just barely get you the new mad scientist and cart, effectively equating the price of that new character to roughly ten bucks. It isn’t yet known if the in-game coin prices are going to stay the same or if they’re going to switch over.

Also noted by ResetEra users is the relatively quick pace at which you can earn coins in the game, making the Crash Team Racing Wumpa Coins prices a bit on the expensive side relative to the work necessary for earning them. One user notes that it’s possible to earn 5,000 coins in around 30 minutes, roughly equating the rate of saving time at $10/hour if you’re very efficient.

If you’re not the most efficient player (or you just don’t have the time to grind), it may very well be worth it to get these coins anyway. We’ll have to see what the prices are when the Wumpa Coins launch in Europe and the United States sometime tomorrow.