Plants vs Zombies Picnic leak reveals battle royale, new plants, zombies, and more

PopCap Games‘ Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 3 was unassumingly revealed by EA last month when the team sent out emails inviting fans of the third-person multiplayer shooting series to participate in an alpha test. Titled “Picnic,” those players have seemingly now been hands-on with the game, which has inevitably lead to a huge Plants vs Zombies Picnic leak. The third game in the Garden Warfare franchise looks set to be the most comprehensive yet, though do take the following information with a grain of salt, as it hasn’t been made official and features are often cut during a game’s testing period.

The ongoing PS4 and Xbox One alpha, which is being carried out by the public in place of internal play testers, has not only lead to confirmation of the fact that Picnic is Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 3 in all but name, but also revealed a number of new and returning features. Undoubtedly chief among these is the new Soil Survivors mode, which is equivalent to the ever-popular battle royal genre, though it isn’t yet clear how many players will feature in each skirmish or whether there will be the option to go team-based or solo.

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Any players seeking a more classic Garden Warfare experience will be pleased to know that all of the previous two titles’ maps and modes will once again feature in the upcoming Plants vs. Zombies: Picnic. Across those returning maps and modes players will be able to test out the three new Zombie classes—Disco Zombie, Surfer, and Zombot—in addition to three new Plant classes in the Acorn, Snapdragon, and Night Cap. These six characters are said to be present in the beta, but it’s possible that more might feature in the final game.

Oddly, there’s still been no official, public-facing Plants vs Zombies: Picnic reveal from EA, but at this point, it’s almost a certainty that it’ll take the form of Garden Warfare 3.