Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 3 seemingly revealed by alpha test

Over the weekend, EA quietly sent out emails to various users signed up to its playtesting program, offering a chance to take part in the closed alpha tests for one of its new games. The game in question is a new online shooter based around the Plants vs. Zombies franchise, and is made by “the team that created PvZ Garden Warfare.” In other words, it’s very likely that EA has just confidentially announced Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 3, a title that’s been rumored for over a year now.

Currently codenamed “Picnic,” the new Plants vs. Zombies shooter will begin playtesting in August. While the email states to potential playtesters that “everything related to the Community Playtesting is strictly confidential” and “this means no posting or sharing details of this playtest, including the content of this email, on social media or anywhere else,” that hasn’t stopped all the details from appearing on Reddit. Playtests will start on August 1 and will run until August 6, all at different times of the day, and will only be on PS4 and Xbox One — although the game will almost certainly be on PC too when it releases, and maybe Switch as well.

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There is no official confirmation in the email or any of the playtesting details shared on Reddit that “Picnic” is Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 3, but it doesn’t take much imagination to see this new Plants vs. Zombies shooter (being made by the Garden Warfare team) being exactly that. Furthermore, the game’s existence was actually leaked last year, where the Amazon synopsis of a PvZ comic book described it as being the “bridge between video games PvZ: GW2 and PvZ: GW3“.

Of course, it’s not the only Plants vs. Zombies game with a “3” in the title around, as the more traditional tower defense-style mobile game Plants vs. Zombies 3 also got revealed this month thanks to a closed alpha on Google Play. We currently have no idea regarding the final release dates of either of these two games, however.