Batman Arkham Origins developer confirms new DC Comics game

It’s been four years since the release of Batman Arkham Knight from Rocksteady Studios, and there was a lot of disappointment when the developer didn’t reveal its new game at E3 last month. However, four years is nothing compared to WB Montreal, the creators of the previous Batman game Batman Arkham Origins, which came out six years ago in 2013, and it hasn’t released a game since. Now a developer at WB Montreal has at least confirmed that the studio’s next title will be a new DC Comics game, and may well be the rumored and inevitable next Batman Arkham game.

Osama Dorias is a designer at WB Montreal working on the studio’s next game, which has only previously been referred to as “[redacted]” when discussed on Twitter by the team. In a reply to a question for developers enquiring as to the project they’re working on, specifically the genre, theme, and inspiration, Dorias did the usual reply of [redacted] to genre and inspiration. However, they confirmed the theme as “DC franchise,” the first real confirmation we’ve had that the subject of the new WB Montreal game will indeed be based on the DC Comics universe of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and all the rest.

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While it’s been strongly rumored that the next Batman Arkham game is in development at the Batman Arkham Origins studio—so much so that various developers on the team have been hinting that it’s based on the Court of Owls storyline in the New 52 Batman comics—there has yet been no announcement of the game. While Dorias refused to state the game’s genre, the role of “Games Designer 3C” on WB Montreal’s jobs page suggests that it will be “a third-person open world action game,” just like the Batman Arkham games.

As for when the game’s actually being announced, the designer cryptically added, “don’t worry” with a heart symbol. Hopefully that’s good news, although certainly don’t expect the next Batman Arkham game to be out this year or anything, as it’s certainly way to late for that by now.