Rumor: Batman Arkham Crisis coming 2019

It’s been several years since the last Batman game, Batman Arkham Knight from Rocksteady in 2015, and fans are still eagerly anticipating another game in the series. Rumors continue to persist regarding the game, which may be based on the Batman Court of Owls storyline from the comics. Now the latest rumor has added a bunch of potential details to the project, which may apparently be called Batman Arkham Crisis.

The supposed leak first appeared on YouTube channel the Flix Fix, and was reposted on Segment Next. According to the video, the rumors come from an alleged playtester on the next Batman Arkham game, who spilled some details about it over Discord. While these rumors are wild, unsubstantiated, and should be taken with enough salt to kill the Condiment King, a few of them do line up with other rumors we’ve heard, and others are halfway believable.

Supposedly the game will be called Batman Arkham Crisis, and will feature an attack by the mysterious Court of Owls on Gotham City. Batman Arkham Origins developer WB Montreal has been teasing this exact game already, so this part we can believe.

Here’s where it gets wild. It will feature a full open-world 1.7 times bigger than GTA5, and players will get around using the Batwing. There will be a focus on story, which has 12 acts, and will feature both Dick Grayson Nightwing and former Arkham Knight Jason Todd. Side quests will be overhauled, and Riddler Trophies have been replaced with 31 complex challenges. There will be co-op multiplayer, but only in some side missions. It will be announced in March for a release at Halloween, October 31.

While these seem all reasonable, there are other points that poke holes in these rumors. The leak suggests that the developer wants it to be Game of the Year 2019, which surely every game wants. Furthermore, it claims that each story act only lasts one hour, but that side quests last up to 3 hours, so the math also seems wrong.

Finally, of course, there is no reason why a playtester should have all this information, especially unrelated details such as an announcement date and what the developer thinks of it. Nevertheless, it’s always fun to speculate, especially when all we’ve got for the next Batman game so far is some alleged concept art. Plus, it’ll take your mind off the fact that the next movie’s over two years away and Ben Affleck won’t be Batman anymore. Sniff.