Batman Court of Owls game art may have been leaked

It’s been several years since the last Batman game, Batman: Arkham Knight from series creators Rocksteady, and rumors continue to swirl (and get shot down) about what the studio is working on next. However, it’s looking more likely that a game from Batman: Arkham Origins developers Warner Bros Montreal will be first, as a new Batman game for 2019 based on the Court of Owls comics storyline has been teased by the studio itself. Now it’s looking possible that some Batman Court of Owls game art may have been leaked.

The rumored concept art from the Batman Court of Owls game appeared on the ArtStation account of artist Eddie Mendoza, a graphic artist who currently works full-time for Apple, but previously worked freelance for gaming companies such as Epic Games and Firaxis. Most notably for this story, he’s also done work for Warner Bros, as he notes on his website.

Eddie Mendoza posted three pieces of Batman-related concept art in the last few days, all of which show The Dark Knight fighting with the Talons, the partially-undead ninja enforcers of the Court of Owls. He claimed he did these “just for fun,” suggesting that they were unrelated to any projects going on at Rocksteady or WB Montreal. The timing is noteworthy, however, since it’s not been long since a WB Montreal staff member teased the involvement of the Court of Owls in the team’s next game.

To add further legitimacy to the leak rumor, all three pieces of artwork have now been pulled without explanation. Considering Mendoza claimed these weren’t official pieces of artwork, he should not have had any reason to take them down. It’s possible Warner Bros asked him to do it as a courtesy, since they were drawing a lot of attention. Nevertheless, of course Reddit spotted it. Hopefully we’ll have an official announcement of this new Batman game later this year.