Rocksteady Superman Isn’t Happening, Studio Won’t Be at Game Awards

A Rocksteady Superman game has been rumored for years, and as recently as this week. Rocksteady co-founder and game director Sefton Hill has confirmed that the developer’s next game is not Superman and won’t be at The Game Awards next week.

A recent listing for Superman: World’s Finest on Game System Requirements fueled continued rumors that Rocksteady was working on a Superman title. The timing of the listing brought some to suggest an announcement at next week’s The Game Awards. Rocksteady’s Hill debunked the rumors with a tweet earlier today.

Hill has shot down the Rocksteady Superman rumors and any notion that the studio’s next game would be at The Game Awards. Rocksteady released Batman: Arkham VR in 2016, and Arkham Knight the year prior. Since then, the Warner Bros. Interactive studio has remained quiet, especially regarding their new game.

While Rocksteady’s next project won’t be a Superman title, that doesn’t exclude the character from appearing. Other rumors have suggested a Justice League game that will employ a games as a service model.

Fans are immensely excited for whatever Rocksteady’s next game is, to the point where the developer had to apologize for not being at E3 this year. It is also looking more and more likely that whatever the next Rocksteady game turns out to be, it might be on the next generation of consoles. A number of Rocksteady job listings have included terms like “next generation platforms.”

Rocksteady Studios is a British developer founded in late 2004. The studio gained acclaim for its Batman: Arkham series, starting with 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum. Hill confirmed that a new project was in development in December 2016.