Rumor: Superman World’s Finest Might Be Next Rocksteady Game

Rumors circulating online suggest that Superman World’s Finest will be the next Rocksteady Studios game. The rumors follow months of speculation regarding what the notorious Batman studio could be working on. These rumblings are coming up only a week before The Game Awards, where a reveal could happen. However, this is just a rumor as Rocksteady and parent company Warner Bros. Interactive have remained mum regarding Rocksteady’s next game.

A listing on Game System Requirements popped up earlier this week, although with little information attached. Game System Requirements is a PC-focused website that posts official PC requirements, links to news and videos, and user reviews. The Superman World’s Finest listing includes little to no information, besides that it is being developed by Rocksteady Studios and is an action-adventure title. Rocksteady’s next game has been in development since 2016, and a Superman focus has been rumored frequently.

A rumor on 4chan from before E3 suggested the World’s Finest title, although that post has since been deleted. A blurry image of Superman’s cape was included in that 4chan post, although it was likely fake. The 4chan post suggested World’s Finest would have Superman, Batman, and Robin as playable characters and that it would be an open-world game full of activities.

World’s Finest is also the name of a comic book series which featured the three superheroes heavily. The comic series was originally a quarterly anthology that always included Superman and Batman. The 1950s saw World’s Finest become a crossover story and had Superman and Batman fighting alongside one another.

Rumors around Rocksteady’s next game have been circulating for years, and the developer even apologized for their absence from E3 in June. Game System Requirements also leaked the existence of Devil May Cry 5 back in the spring, about a month before the game’s official announcement. The site doesn’t have listings for other heavily rumored games like Half-Life 3 and GTA 6, and the site’s FAQ suggest it is difficult to just post any game listing.

No other information regarding the rumored Superman World’s Finest has come out so far. The Game Awards could see an announcement from the developer, as 10 games are expected to be revealed at the event next week including a possible sequel to Alien Isolation and Obsidian’s next title.