Borderlands 3 PS4 Pro resolution or framerate prioritization options revealed

Long the exclusive domain of PC, mid-generation upgrades like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X have finally let players tweak a game’s graphics settings on console. Now, it seems that the Borderlands 3 PS4 Pro version will be making the most of this ability, allowing players to choose between prioritizing framerate or resolution.

Gearbox’s online and social producer Scott Velasquez revealed the feature on a recent post on the PlayStation Blog. Of course, being a post on that site would explain the lack of mention of the Xbox One X version. However, it’s mostly likely that Borderlands 3 will also have the same features on Microsoft’s enhanced mid-generation console.

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“Players will be able to choose between ‘favor resolution’ and ‘favor performance’ on the PS4 Pro through a new setting called Graphics Preference,” stated Velasquez. “When ‘favor resolution’ is selected, we aim for the highest resolution possible, capping framerate at 30 frames per second. In ‘favor performance’ mode, we increase the framerate cap to 60 frames per second and render at 1080P.”

It’s interesting to note that Velasquez specifically states that it’s the “framerate cap” that’s increased. This indicates that the game won’t always hit that 60fps cap in “favor performance” mode, experiencing drops every now and then. That said, most players will probably be fine with this as long as the drops aren’t too drastic. Additionally, picking this mode will still give the benefit of PS4 Pro’s supersampling, meaning that the game will look sharper than it normally would at 1080p.

Both “favor performance” and “favor resolution” modes feature HDR support. More importantly, HDR support can be toggled on of off on its own. This means players can still use the 1080p performance mode while experiencing HDR if they have a display that supports it.

Of course, all of these options are still no substitute for a PC. Anyone wanting the full fat Borderlands 3 experience, at least in terms of graphical options, will still probably pick that version. That said, Gearbox adding these customization features to Borderlands 3 on PS4 Pro (and mostly likely Xbox One X) does demonstrate how similar consoles and PCs have become.