The Last of Us 2 voice actor teases that players “are not ready”

Much of the plot of Naughty Dog’s upcoming The Last of Us 2 has remained a mystery as all parties have been doing their best to keep the game under wraps. Recently however, one of the game’s voice actors has shared a cryptic tease about the game.

Voice actor Troy Baker made the tease while addressing the crowd at the Manchester Comic-Con. “There is nothing about this game, nor the revealing thereof that has not been 100% carefully crafted and methodically curated,” stated Baker. “All I can tell you is that as much as you’re clamoring for it, you’re not ready.”

Troy Baker talking about TLOU2 at Manchester Comic Con, “you are not ready…” from thelastofus

Baker played the voice of The Last of Us‘ main character Joel, and is reprising the role for the sequel. Joel’s role in the sequel has yet to be definitively nailed down, but it’s likely he will be a big part. Most of what it’s shown has focused on Joel’s young charge Ellie. Indeed, the game seems to feature more of Ellie than Joel. Does this hint at some unfortunate fate regarding Baker’s character? Sadly, it’ll be awhile before we’ll find out.

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His words do indicate his confidence in The Last of Us 2‘s story and its ability to surpass player’s expectations. The first game itself already had a number of heart-wrenching moments, especially its memorable finale. Many players will have high hopes on how Naughty Dog could improve on a widely appreciated, ambiguous ending.

Originally announced in 2016, The Last of Us 2 was originally supposed to arrive sometime later this year. However, the game was delayed to early 2020 last May. Since then, neither Sony nor Naughty Dog have given out anything resembling a proper release date. However, a slip up from Ellie’s voice actress Ashley Johnson seems to indicate that The Last of Us 2 will arrive in February of next year.