Death Stranding Japanese voice-over sessions have wrapped up, according to Kojima

Kojima Productions, the independent studio founded and lead by industry legend and former Metal Gear Solid director, Hideo Kojima, is rapidly nearing the release of its debut game. As Death Stranding works through the final stages of development numerous milestones will undoubtedly be hit, the most recent of which is the conclusion of the final recording session for the game’s Japanese voice cast.

Kojima took to Twitter to share the news, thanking the Japanese actors for their hard work. Presumably the English voice cast — including talent such talent as Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) as Sam, Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal) as Cliff, Guillermo del Tor (director of The Shape of Water) as Deadman, and Troy Baker (almost all of the games) as Higgs, to name just a few — wrapped things up a while ago. We know that in-game characters’ lips are always synced to the English dialogue and that Japanese lines would be reworked by Hideo Kojima himself, thanks to another tweet from the video game auteur, which probably explains why the recording sessions were finished just three months ahead of release.

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The platforms on which Death Stranding would release were recently called into question when Sony removed the game from an official list of PS4 exclusives on the PlayStation website. Kojima’s latest had almost always been marketed as a PS4 exclusive, possibly due to Sony funding said marketing, despite some very early mentions of the fact that a PC version would follow a period of timed exclusivity on PlayStation hardware.

While there’s seemingly a possibility that PC players will get to play Kojima Productions Death Stranding eventually, PS4 owners will definitely be able to get their hands on the hotly anticipated game when it launches on November 8. The game will be available in Standard, Special, and Collector’s Edition formats, with the latter two featuring a steelbook case and a physical BB Pod statue (one of those jar babies), respectively.