Gris iOS release date announced

Devolver Digital announced the official Gris iOS release date today. The publisher will be bringing the indie platformer to Apple devices later this month. Gris will be coming to the Apple App Store on August 22.

This announcement of the the Gris iOS release date comes via Twitter. Developed by the Spanish Nomada Studio, Gris follows the titular character through a water-colored world. When it was announced, Gris gained attention for its gorgeous graphics and emotional, possibly depressing story, and the game turned out to be a short but sweet experience.

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According to its App Store listing, Gris will take up about 3 GB of storage space and will require iOS 10.0 or later. Gris is available for pre-order now for $4.99. The original Gris release date brought it to Switch and PC for $16.99. Despite fans clamoring for a Gris Xbox One and PS4 release (plenty are still asking for it to come to PS4 in the replies to Devolver Digital’s Gris iOS release date announcement), there’s still no word of the game coming to other consoles.

Devolver Digital is known for publishing odd indies and “AA” games like My Friend Pedro, Katana Zero, Pikuniku, and Fall Guys. Devolver Digital’s other iOS releases include the excellent vertical shoot-em-down Downwell (the perfect tool for breezing through a boring college history class, by the way) and the strange pigeon dating game Hatoful Boyfriend. The publisher’s reputation as the industry’s oddball is buoyed by the Devolver Digital E3 press conferences, which pack in over-the-top gore and a story line about an executive named Nina Struthers to create bizarre, theatrical experiences. Devolver Digital’s latest big release, Metal Wolf Chaos XD, is a remaster of the 2004 FromSoftware mech game where players take on the role of the U.S. President. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite hold up, and our Metal Wolf Chaos XD review found the game to have a horrible difficulty curve and bad level design.