New Guilty Gear will be a ‘brand new experience,’ according to Arc System Works

A new Guilty Gear game is something that many fighting fans are eagerly looking forward, given the quality of the earlier titles. Arc System Works’ Guilty Gear saga is widely regarded as one of the big names in the genre and the trailer for the next installment revealed at Evo 2019 received high praise for its amazing anime visuals. However, the new Guilty Gear game is bound to break the mold of the long-running franchise, according to a tweet by Daisuke Ishiwatari, General Director of the series.

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Ishiwatari said that there isn’t much that he can reveal at this time, but the new Guilty Gear game is being developed with pleasing both new and existing players in mind. To do so, there is a firm departure from the past titles, resulting in a “brand new experience.” It’s not a matter of adding or removing elements from the previous games in the series, neither a case of returning to the roots or a blatant evolution.

As Ishiwatari described it, the new game will represent a complete reconstruction for the franchise, picking up on the pieces that made it unique and charismatic and putting them to good use. It’s a bold move that is designed to shake the traditional foundations of the fighting game genre, and a “tremendous challenge” at the same time. The Guilty Gear development team said is aware of the potential risks of this decision, but with its experience and resources, a clear vision and the natural excitement over a new path for the franchise, the team stated it is looking forward to the future.

For now, we can only speculate on what this challenge entails, but many fans of the series are already expressing their apprehension in the official tweet. Ending up with a dumbed down game is one of the most voiced concerns, but with a release date scheduled for 2020, there is plenty of time to learn more about the new Guilty Gear game. After all, the team is likely highly aware of what makes its games good since it has made so many of them. Going in a new direction has worked for other fighting game developers as NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat 11 was a big departure from its predecessors and that worked out pretty well.

The new Guilty Gear game will be playable on November 19, 2019 during the ArcRevo America 2019. Arc System Works is also responsible for other fighting games such as the BlazBlue series or Dragon Ball FighterZ.