Killing Floor 2 paid weapon DLC announced

For the past four plus years, developer Tripwire Interactive has been continually supporting Killing Floor 2 with free updates. Now, however, it seems that it can no longer do so, as the studio announced that Killing Floor 2‘s future weapon DLC will now cost money.

Killing Floor 2 lead developer David Amata made the announcement on the game’s Steam page. According to him, Tripwire ended up in a position where it could either cut back on new updates or find “new sources of revenue” to be able to continue supporting the game. The studio obviously decided to go with the latter.

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“As huge fans of the game ourselves, the thought of scaling back what we could build, create, and offer would have disappointed us just as much as we felt it would have disappointed you,” stated Amata in the Steam post. “That left us with doing what we know will be more controversial but we feel in the long run will enable us to better service the game.”

With this in mind, the post confirmed that starting with the next update, all new weapons will be sold as DLC for the price of $9.99. Each of these will also come with a set of five skins, custom made just for them.

To keep the game from going down the “Pay to Win” route, the announcement mentioned that the paid weapons will “not be better” than any other weapon of the same tier in terms of stats. Rather, Tripwire instead wants them to provide players with “new gameplay experiences and fill new roles” not covered by the existing weapons.

In addition to this, the paid DLC weapons will work with the game’s Shared Content system. This means that if one player who owns a paid weapon joins a server, every other player in that server will gain access to that weapon during the match. Tripwire stated that this is to prevent any “gameplay discrepancies.”

While Tripwire is shifting Killing Floor 2 to paid DLC weapons, that apparently doesn’t mean that every new weapon will cost money. The studio will be announcing a new initiative in the coming days that will add new weapons types to existing weapons for free. This will come alongside other free “non-cosmetic” content as well.