System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition revealed, coming soon

Fans of System Shock are in for a treat as the System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition was finally announced. Following a livestream to celebrate the 20th anniversary of System Shock 2, a tweet by Nightdive Studios confirmed that the game is in the works. The owners of the franchise originally created by Looking Glass Technologies are working on the Enhanced Edition and on a System Shock remake.

“You asked for it and we are working on it,” the tweet following the livestream read, with a “coming soon” to round things up nicely. A picture of the malefic artificial intelligence Shodan accompanied the announcement.

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This is essentially all the info that we have from the reveal, but Nightdive Studios’ CEO Stephen Kick promised that it will have “Working/stable multiplayer for a start” in a follow-up tweetSystem Shock 2 had four-player co-op multiplayer that was a request by the publisher, and it was far from easy to get it running properly. Nightdive Studios also suggested its followers to watch out for its updates on the System Shock remake Kickstarter page.

The System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition is likely going to follow on the footsteps of the 2015 release of System Shock Enhanced Edition. This means that you should expect 4K widescreen support, adjustable field of view, rebindable controls, and other quality of life additions.

Apart from the System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition, Nightdive Studios is working on a System Shock remake for a 2020 release. This game was put on hold in early 2018 because of feature creep and straying from the core aspects of the original, but development restarted soon after, with a new team and a realigned focus.

Meanwhile, System Shock 3 is being developed by OtherSide Entertainment with the help of Warren Spector, the producer of the original game and other hits such as the Deus Ex series. This official sequel will pick up from where System Shock 2 left.