Switch SNES games and wireless controller hinted by FCC filing

If there’s one thing that the Nintendo Switch lacks, it’s the ability to play SNES games the way its predecessors did through the Virtual Console. However, it seems that Nintendo may be looking to rectify this soon. A new FCC filing hints at a Switch SNES wireless controller and possible SNES games on the console.

Forums posters over at Resetera spotted the FCC filing, which contains schematics of a SNES wireless controller for the Switch. While the filing makes no mention of SNES games, forum posters speculate that these will come to the Switch. The speculation comes from the fact that Nintendo did something similar last year when it released an NES wireless controller for the Switch that works with the classic NES games which come alongside a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

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As with last year’s NES wireless controller, the new SNES wireless controllers for the Switch look to feature some form of docking rail that’ll let them be attached to the Switch. Additionally, the docking rail seems to feature ZL and ZR buttons, adding possible adding two extra buttons to the original’s eight. Aside from this, the form factor looks to be almost identical to the original SNES controller, at least from the back—the filing didn’t actually show the front of the pad, just the back showing the position of the mandatory FCC labeling.

Other details include the fact that this SNES controller for the Switch uses the same battery as the standard Joy-Con, hinting at a similar battery life. The filing also hints that it may come with a 1.5 meter charging cable. The latter bit represents an upgrade from the NES wireless controllers which need to be attached to the Switch to be charged.

All this now raises the question of when Nintendo will officially announce the new controller. It might simply reveal the gamepad, alongside the SNES games, on an upcoming Direct. That said, with Gamescom 2019 taking place next week, Nintendo’s plans could possibly make the reveal at that show instead.