Skater XL Xbox One version incoming

It seems we have a small skateboarding game revival in the midst. Indie developer Easy Day Studios recently announced it will bring a Skater XL Xbox One version into existence in 2020.

The video that Easy Day Studios released to make the announcement is pretty short and simple. We see a skater moving in slow motion towards a six-step stair set setting up for a trick. Winding his body at the top step, the skater attempts a fakie 360 backside flip and lands it smoothly. We also get a very tiny glimpse of the location which is different from the location in the early access version.

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This is then followed by the Xbox One logo and “Coming 2020” release date. A specific date or launch window was not given so when in 2020 we will see Skater XL on Xbox One is still unknown.

In the same vein of EA’s beloved franchise Skate, Skater XL attempts to create a simulation experience with total board and foot control. It does have a control system similar to Skate, where you use the control sticks to execute tricks.

If you just cannot wait to play Skater XL and have a decent gaming PC, the game is currently available via Steam Early Access. Currently, there is only one location available to skate through, but you get to try out Easy Day Studios’ take on skateboard simulation. Plus, there are plenty of ledges, rails, and stair sets to keep you busy for a while.

Coincidentally, this news comes right after crea-ture Studios announced its Skate spiritual successor, Session, would be coming to Steam Early Access and Xbox One Game Preview on September 17, 2019, and October respectively. Reaching its Kickstarter goal back in 2017, it was revealed that the game would be coming to Xbox One during the Xbox E3 Showcase in 2018.