New Xbox Game Pass PC features let you find friends and filter games

A few new Xbox Game Pass PC features have been announced at Gamescom 2019. These include new ways to find friends, a way to filter games, the capability to manage downloads, and better integration with the Xbox Game Pass mobile app.

Xbox Game Pass has been exploding in popularity, games, and features in recent months and Microsoft has decided to step things up a notch. As a result, they’re going to be adding four new features to the PC side of the service that is going to make it an even better value than it already is, making it easier for you to find friends and giving you more capability to customize and control your experience.

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New Xbox Game Pass PC Features

Finding Friends

It will be easier than ever for you to find friends! This is one of the new Xbox Game Pass PC features that was probably sorely needed for PC players. New account linking options will let you add friends via Facebook or Steam in addition to their Xbox Gamertag. You’ll also be able to link accounts for YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Discord, and Reddit so it’s easier than ever for your friends to follow you online!

Finding and Filtering Games

As any gamer can tell you, there’s always more games than there is time to play them. Thankfully, new filter options are being added to the sidebar that will make it much easier for you to get right to the games you want without having to scroll through a massive list.

Control on Managing Downloads

Hard drive space and data caps can make managing your digital software a pain. That’s why one of the new Xbox Game Pass PC features takes care of both of these problems in one go! A download will always tell you how much disk space is going to be needed for each game. Out of space on your C: drive? Worry not — you’ll be able to install your games on other hard drives instead!

PC Integration with Xbox Game Pass Mobile App

Finally, managing your library on the go has gotten much easier with new app integration. The Xbox Game Pass Mobile App now lists PC games. This beta test will let you browse and discover games on PC; you can get it as either a public beta on Android or a closed beta on iOS. More details about this aspect of the new features will be coming soon.

Xbox Game Pass continues to grow nicely, and these new Xbox Game Pass PC features are making it more appealing than ever before. You can sign up for Microsoft’s game subscription service at a price of $4.99/month-$14.99/month over at the Xbox Game Pass website.