Josh Hart’s NBA 2K20 rating reveal was brutally awkward

Image Credit: Twitch / Inside Xbox

Josh Hart’s NBA 2K20 rating reveal didn’t exactly warm the heart of the New Orleans Pelicans player. During Microsoft’s Inside Xbox conference, Josh Hart was the guest star of the NBA 2K20 segment, and he was surprised by the reveal of his overall rating in the upcoming basketball game.

Before the reveal, Josh Hart confessed that he had no idea about his overall player rating from last year’s game. As soon as the host prepares to announce Josh Hart’s NBA 2K20 rating and the crowd expresses its excitement, something awkward happens.

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Disappointingly, Josh Hart’s NBA 2K20 rating turned out to be 76. The New Orleans Pelicans player was clearly unamused, stressing that “everyone booed” in the crowd. The host tried to avoid an embarrassing moment by saying that in fact everyone cheered, although it was more of an uncomfortable silence that was felt in the room.

Josh Hart’s NBA 2K20 rating is indeed better than what he had been assigned in NBA 2K19, which was a rating of 74. However, comparing this year’s score with most players does place him in the bottom half of the list. LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard sit on top with an impressive overall rating of 97, with three players boasting a rating of 96: James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Giannis Antetokounmpo. These are confirmed ratings for Visual Concepts’ upcoming NBA 2K20 game.

NBA 2K20 is scheduled for a September 6, 2019 release, with 2K Sports on publishing duties. This year’s edition marks the debut of the WNBA, with other sports titles such as FIFA 20 and WWE 2K20 following suit, adding female soccer teams and female wrestlers, respectively. Despite Josh Hart’s guest appearance at the Inside Xbox, he won’t be gracing the cover of the game; the chosen players are Los Angeles Laker Anthony Davis, and former Miami Heat MVP Dwayne Wade.