Sega’s Humankind trailer revealed at Gamescom 2019

There are a couple of big events that gaming fans look forward to year in and out, and one of those events is Gamescom. In a new, Opening Night Live event, hosted by The Game Award’s own Geoff Keighley, Sega took the opportunity to announce a new historical turn based strategy game named Humankind. This new game aims to allow players the chance to rewrite the history of human kind. In addition to the announcement of the new game, the first ever Humankind trailer was also revealed, which can be seen below.

In Humankind, players will be able to create their own civilization by combining 60 historical cultures across history, each bringing a new outcome to the table. Every choice you make throughout the game will impact your version of history. Every battle won and choice made will have a lasting impact.

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As with any turn based game, players will need to be mindful of all of the decisions that they are making, perhaps more so than normal when the fate of humanity lies in your hands. There have been a lot of events that have shaped humankind, so it might be tricky to figure how to shape the future in the exact way that you want.

Players will also be able to experience real historical events and make well known scientific discoveries. Rebuilding the world is up to you and all of the power lies in your hands. A specific release date hasn’t been given yet, but the Humankind trailer promised that is would be coming sometime in 2020. In the meantime, players can register on the official Humankind website to get special in game rewards, which will be revealed at a later date.

We still don’t know much about Humankind, but you can trust that more information will be revealed in the next couple of months.