Gaijin Games Take Bit.Trip Runner Star Commander Video To Browsers

Developers of the Bit.Trip series Gaijin Games announced today that their next game will shine the spotlight on Commander Video as he embarks on an endless run via your web browser.

CommanderVideo is the name of the new game and the star of Bit.Trip Runner 2 who makes the leap to browser with retro-themed level design in tow, making for a throwback endless runner available wherever you like to park your ass for hours at a time. The devs seem excited too:

Alex Neuse and Mike Roush, co-founders of Gaijin Games, are over the moon with excitement for the game's release.

"This is totally a video game," said a fiercely excited Neuse. "And like all video games, it should be played in 10-hour binges that compromise your personal wellbeing."

"I seriously can't find my car keys," added an animated Roush. And by animated, we don't mean excited. Like, he's seriously an animated cartoon character. It's kind of weird.

I met Alex and Mike a Nintendo event a few months ago and they're really serious gamers who like to make sure the software they put out is deep, challenging, and tons of fun. Runner2 certainly felt like it was teetering on the edge of offering you one persistent level that would let you blow through the entire game in one run, so this seems like a natural progression for the team.

Waste your entire July 4th on the game here.