Mysterious GTA 4 update sends fans into frenzied investigation

A sudden GTA 4 update initially mystified fans and sent them into investigation mode. After all, why would Rockstar Games be patching a game that came out more than a decade ago? According to reports, it seems that this patch may have something to do with music that was removed last year. It also might not be the only thing that’s changing with Rockstar’s older games.

“This could be unintentional,” began a tweet from Grand Theft Auto fansite GTA Series Videos, “but yesterday’s update to GTA IV on Xbox One has restored the songs removed by Rockstar Games back in April 2018 (removed because licenses for those songs expired on the game’s 10-year anniversary)[.]”

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Comments on the update over at the Xbox One subreddit expressed initial confusion about the mysterious GTA 4 update and a general sense of happiness to see the licensed music restored. The list of tracks that were removed was quite extensive, and it seems to have grown a bit to boot, as some additional songs beyond this list of removed tracks have also reportedly made it into the mix.

Interestingly, the GTA 4 update may not have been the only big change that came today: One reply in the Twitter thread noted that several other older Rockstar Games also received an update:

Several questions remain unanswered at this time. Has every single missing track been truly restored? What are the updates for the other older Rockstar Games all about? Will we be seeing the return of licensed music to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?

In any case, there hasn’t been any official announcement from Rockstar Games on any of its official social media channels. The more dedicated fans out there will surely be digging through the game files to see just what exactly is going on with today’s flurry of updates to older games. If you do want to grab this GTA 4 update, just make sure you’ve got a wee bit of free space on your Xbox One hard drive—it clocks in at over 7 GB in size.