PS4 exclusives on PC could be in Sony’s future

In a recent interview, Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Layden stated that Sony may look at putting PS4 exclusives on PC in the future. Layden shared his reasoning behind this changed stance, seemingly now shifting to be more in line with that of Xbox head Phil Spencer, stating that “we must support the PlayStation platform.”

Whilst some users might think that “forfeiting” an absolutely stellar suite of exclusive PS4 games to the supposed competition is the opposite of supporting the PlayStation ecosystem, Shawn Layden elaborated and told Bloomberg that certain games from Sony Interactive Entertainment studios might need to “lean into a wider installed base.” This comment could indicate that he’s referencing smaller PS4 exclusives, such as PSVR titles and the likes of the Gravity Rush series or upcoming Concrete Genie, as opposed to the platform’s very heaviest hitters.

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Thanks to Layden offering an example, one thing is for sure: Multiplayer games with design elements suited to personal computers are a particular focus. This would obviously make sense, ensuring the transition to be at least relatively painless, though which games this might apply to specifically is up in the air. Sony doesn’t have many—if any—exclusive real-time strategy or MOBA games on its roster, so maybe the statement refers more to first-person shooter titles.

Regardless of what games are being considered for PC ports, it doesn’t appear as though any consideration is being given to potentially releasing Sony Interactive Entertainment software on the Nintendo Switch or Xbox One. Xbox Games Studios recently found success through releasing a number of games on Switch, and will also launch the likes of Psychonauts 2 and The Outer Worlds on PS4, but for now, Sony is at least taking small steps towards a more unified gaming landscape. It’d only be a good thing for more people to experience games like Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, and God of War, after all.