Cliff Bleszinski says 4chan helped ‘ruin’ Radical Heights

Radical Heights may be a thing of the past for most, but certainly not for Cliff Bleszinski. While sharing a tweet about the shuttered battle royale game, the former co-founder of Boss Key Productions stated that 4chan contributed to the downfall of Radical Heights.

Bleszinski’s tweet stated that a fan sent him a screen capture proving that a group of gamers on 4chan had a vendetta against him. These players then reportedly decided to team up and hack Radical Heights. These hacks made cheating more rampant, which sent the user base into a freefall, according to the ex-Boss Key boss.

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This tweet revealing the alleged 4chan vendetta was preceded by other tweets where Cliff Bleszinski discussed his original plans for Radical Heights. He wanted to start the matches by having players shoot out from a cannon and project their names sky when they were eliminated in in a Hunger Games-like style. A rare bike with an alien in a basket — which you could even fly around om — was another planned addition.

Bleszinski had many ideas for the game, most of them inspired by pop culture. A Back to the Future hoverboard and rollerblades were mentioned as well, prompting some fans to ask if he was trying to bank on nostalgia.

Radical Heights was in Early Access for a few months until Boss Key Productions shut down. It was the team’s final shot at an online shooter as it followed LawBreakers; a shooter that also failed to sustain an audience.

Some players reacted to Bleszinski’s tweet with support, saying how much they enjoyed Radical Heights due to its over-the-top nature and untapped potential. Others were quick to criticize, mentioning “the lack of textures, optimization, fun or unique gameplay, and overall poor execution.”

Bleszinski could be considering a return to gaming, saying that he has a game idea that won’t get out of his head, but “it’s not a f***ing battle royale.”