Final Fantasy 14 butt plugs are now a thing that exist thanks to software

People generally play video games for pleasure, and players of Final Fantasy 14 are no exception. However, an enterprising individual figured out a way to derive a different kind of pleasure from Square Enix’s hit MMORPG. Brace yourselves, because Final Fantasy 14 butt plugs are now a thing.

To clarify, neither Square Enix nor some third party is actually releasing a line of Final Fantasy 14 sex toys. However, a programmer has discovered a way to use a couple of bits of software to allow the PC version of the game to connect to such devices.

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The first piece of software in is something called the Advanced Combat Tracker, or ACT for short. When used with Final Fantasy 14, the ACT lets players keep track of their performance and their statistics. More importantly however, the ACT also happens to support software plugins.

The other bit of software is an open source library called Buttplug. This library contains a series of controls that developers can use to run electronic sex toys. More importantly, Buttplug is written in C#, just like ACT.

GitHub user clrnskn has taken this library and put it together with the ACT’s plugin support to create ButtplACT. Using it, users can make the sex toy of their choice vibrate when they’re attacked in the game. In addition to this, ButtplACT also allows them to configure the duration and intensity of the vibrations, and even tie the vibrations to specific actions. Despite the name, ButtplACT supports a lot of devices, not just butt plugs. However, it currently only works with those that are bluetooth enabled.

As for why they created it, clrnskn simply stated “no comment” on their GitHub. That said, some Final Fantasy 14 players have been known to indulge in role playing in the game, including running in-game brothels. With this in mind, the fact that someone made a way for the game to connect to sex toys should probably not come as a surprise.