Nintendo Lunchables pack snacks with microtransaction currency

If you’ve got kids that dread heading back to school after the summer holidays, this exciting new lunchbox collaboration might be just the ticket to spur them along. The family-friendly Japanese gaming hardware and software manufacturer is all for helping people improve their cognitive functions, as evidenced by the Brain Training series of 3DS games, but now it seeks to help in the ultimate fashion by eradicating the back-to-school blues with Nintendo Lunchables!

Setting aside the fact that the snack pack’s “100% juice” drink comes with “added ingredients and other natural flavor,” plus the fact that the delicious dairy squares are described as “cheese product,” these tasty treats perhaps most importantly include the opportunity to win “Nintendo Switch Prize Packs” and also guarantee 100 Platinum Points. Platinum Points are earned by playing Nintendo mobile games, including Pokémon Rumble Rush, Animal Crossing: Pocket CampFire Emblem Heroes, and Super Mario Run, and can then be used to obtain digital games, redeemed as discounts, or to unlock items within the aforementioned mobile games.

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This means that your purchase of Nintendo Lunchables is basically equivalent to an indirect microtransaction, earning you in-game items in Nintendo’s suite of free-to-play mobile games where a premium currency would conventionally be used. It could even be argued that the snacks, which include 13g of protein, are bringing loot boxes to the lunch box. They offer a random chance for paying diners to receive rewards of varying quality, even going as far as to adhere to the recently revised loot box legislation by disclosing the odds of winning.

There are 500 Switch consoles to be won from the lunch packs alongside a grand prize to be claimed every day throughout the three-month collaboration between Nintendo and Lunchables. If you’re eager to dine on some “Chicken Popper Kabbobles,” which see chicken and cheese skewered on pretzel sticks with miniature mint chocolate chip cookies for dessert, you can grab one any time between September 1 and November 30.