Death Stranding multiplayer is like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, says Kojima

Despite Death Stranding‘s November 8 release date looming closer than ever, Kojima Productions hasn’t really said much about the game’s multiplayer. At Gamescom 2019 however, Hideo Kojima gave out another clue. Specifically, Kojima compared Death Stranding multiplayer to the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

The comparison was made by Kojima during a video interview with French video game analyst Julien Chièze, which has been translated into English on the Death Stranding subreddit. As part of the interview, Chièze and Kojima talk a bit about the game’s multiplayer. Specifically, Chièze asks Kojima about the latter’s desire to create a never-before-seen approach to multiplayer.

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Kojima compares the player character Sam to Miles Morales from last year’s Spider-Man animated movie from Sony. He specifically points to how Miles thinks he’s alone at the start of the film before eventually encountering the other Spider-Men from different dimensions. With that said, Kojima stated that, despite the comparison that he made, Death Stranding would be different from Into the Spider-Verse, instead saying the references is more of “a clue” that should give people a hint on what the game is about.

The theme of Sam discovering that he is not alone does seem to fit in with what we know of Death Stranding‘s setting. The game revolves around reconnecting the former cities of the U.S. that have since been fractured. With this, Kojima couldn’t help but leave a bit of a tease in regards to the game’s multiplayer. He stated that players would be connected to the other players also playing the game at launch using “something.”

As for the rest of the interview, Chièze and Kojima spend a good part of it talking about finally bringing Death Stranding out to the world. Kojima admitted that before he started, he never thought he would have “another baby” (referring of course to the game) after leaving Konami. He talked about how he felt overwhelmed by having to start from scratch. That said, he also stated that going independent also freed him, since he no longer needs “intermediaries” like “Konami, with how connected people are nowadays. Just like how his game is about connecting people, he stated that by going independent, his goal is to connect both players and creators.