Boreal Blade stealth-launched by Trine developers

Boreal Blade is a new game that was just announced from the Trine developers, and you’re not going to have to wait too long to get your hands on it. The mad lads at Frozenbyte have decided on a release date that’s quite close: It’s today. In fact, this brand-new game is available on the Nintendo Switch right now!

A blog post on Frozenbyte’s website has the critical details. A small team at Frozenbyte has spent the last few years perfecting this team-based, third-person sword-fighting game. After the developers felt like they got things right, they decided to send it out to the world on the Nintendo Switch—and they didn’t want anyone to wait, either.

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The full game along with a demo is now on the Nintendo Switch. What’s more, the two versions are compatible with one another, so demo players won’t have to worry about not finding any opponents to fight against. PC players won’t be left out in the cold, mind—a closed beta will be launched for Steam in the near future via Frozenbyte’s Discord server.

Boreal Blade announcement trailer was also released, giving us our first look at gameplay. It seems simple enough, and the blog post concedes that it is. After all, there is only one button that you push to attack. However, that’s where the simplicity ends—you can alter your angle of attack (or blocks) depending on how you’re moving. Much like real sword fighting, considering your approach and your position will be very important to surviving a battle in Boreal Blade.

There won’t be stock characters with locked weapons, either. The game has four fighting styles, three classes of armor (each with their own pros and cons), and more weapons to choose from than the Royal Armouries Museum.

You can get Boreal Blade on the Nintendo eShop right now at a price of $19.99 or your regional equivalent, or you can simply try out the demo for free. You can also add the game to your wishlist on Steam. In the meantime, check out the Boreal Blade announcement trailer below to see this cool new game in motion.