Fortnite Reddit is having a public meltdown

It seems that the Fortnite Reddit moderators may have struck a nerve. A submission on the game’s Battle Royale subreddit /r/FortniteBR (not to be confused with the Save The World-focused subreddit /r/Fortnite) is calling out the moderators in a rather straightforward fashion.

The Fortnite Reddit submission is rather aptly titled “Dear Mods: Go f*** yourselves. (This post doesn’t break any current rules, so removing it is removing free speech from your community).” In it, Redditor /u/Star-Spangled Ranger lists out a number of complaints that they have with the way the community is being managed.

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“You guys are actually horrible. If a post is even slightly against some non-existent rule, you remove it,” the Fortnite Reddit submission began. “You guys remove cosmetic concepts under the “suggestion Saturday” rule when they aren’t even suggestions! They’re people sharing their art and characters – and while they have a possibility to make it into the game, that isn’t the sole intention of the post, nor is it related in any capacity.”

“You guys took down several posts of mine for bullshit reasons, and you’ve done it to plenty of other people as well,” it continued. “Hell, I used an emoji in the title of my post and it later got removed for “uSiNg TeXt LiKe ThIs.” You remove s*** based on your personal preference, and not based on your rules. You might as well get rid of the rules and say “if we don’t like your post or it’s not some INSANE EPIC GAMER MOMENT!!1!1!, then we have the right to remove it because me no likey your post.”

Response to the post has been a mix of jokes, acknowledgment of the problem from other users, and concerns about the OP being banned. What is clear is that it’s certainly struck a nerve with the community, rapidly gaining over 30 Reddit awards (paid markers given as a show of support) and more than 12,000 upvotes.

The Fortnite Reddit community thinks its mods are being inconsistent and unfair and it seems that more than a few users agree. How much weight these accusations hold and whether or not it will result in any meaningful changes remains to be seen.